The Stig Has Fallen Upon Hard Times.

Now that Top Gear has been canceled, the Stig is out of work… He looks skinny. Like he hasn’t eaten in weeks. And now he’s going from racetrack to racetrack [...]

Caswell Stickers…why?

I didn’t plan for my stickers to end up all over the globe. It sort of just happened. Back in 2010 we entered the Baja 1000 and everyone told us to bring porn and [...]
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How To Spectate The Monaco Grand Prix

This is the Build Race Party guide to seeing the Monaco Gran Prix. If you’re rich, you can just buy your way in like everyone else. Stay at the Fairmont, or buy a Grand [...]

Richard Burns Rally Part 2: RSRBR

Not that long ago, I wrote an article about the best rally simulator known to men, Richard Burns Rally. While I did cover the standard game more or less thoroughly, I did [...]

Revolution Roasters

We love beer at Build Race Party but we also love coffee. This morning I went to see Revolution Roasters and try some amazing coffee. Their roasting equipment is in Coffee [...]

The Ultimate Roadtrip?

I love road trips. Always have, always will. Living in several states has brought me cross country plenty of times. When it comes to long road trips, there are a few schools [...]
Jeremy Clarkson suspended

Jeremy Clarkson Suspended From BBC

We’re not sure what happened, but we saw on Jalopnik this morning that Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended and Top Gear won’t air this Sunday! What the hell? It [...]

LEGO Speed Champions!

This is amazing! I love legos! I love motorsport! It’s like the Reese’s peanut butter cup of toys! This spring there there will be a complete line of legos [...]

Dirty BMW 633csi

This is Wyatt Knox sideways in a 1979 BMW 633csi on a friends home made dirt track. What have you done with your car that you probably shouldn’t have? Or better yet, [...]

Attend a beer festival near you

What are you doing this weekend?  If your first answer isn’t “working on my car, “racing,” or “watching a race” chances are there is a [...]

Castrol EDGE Titanium Strong Blackout

A team of world-class drivers, powered by Castrol EDGE boosted with Titanium FST™, take on a challenge like no other, in complete darkness, in a race against the lights. [...]

TopGear Festival Barbados

Top Gear Festival will make its Americas debut on the Caribbean island of Barbados at the newly renovated Bushy Park Circuit on 17-18 May, 2014. Hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, [...]

How to Start the Build Race Party Scout

So first off the accelerator pump is bad in the carb and a rebuild kit on the way. But until then, this is how you start the scout, keep in mind there is no parking brake [...]
Farah Panama

Tuned Goes To Panama!

This is excellent! I love the normal format of Tuned and the cars they drive are amazing. But this Panama trip is the real deal. Matt Farah hits the road with the Drive crew [...]
No Picture

Camping and Off Roading

I know you cant see it.  You have to click thru to the video.  And normally I screen capture some frames to give you a feel for the video but this guys work is so good I [...]
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Tis The Season To Be Gnarly

This video is everything I love about having fun with friends and cars. I know a UTV is not a car but it does have four wheels and an engine and man do they fly! And this [...]
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Flying BMWs

BMWs were not meant to fly. But there are a few of us that cant stop sending them over jumps. My friend Colin Rogers found this first video and said the little E30 and can [...]
Ken Block Gymkhana Parody

Ken Block Gymkhana Parody!

This is excellent.  Who cares if its a commercial for one of those drift carts you see at Pep Boys near checkout, this video rocks.  First off, its exactly what any of us [...]
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Whiskey and What?

Build Race Party isn’t all rally racing and car builds and wrenches.  There’s some party in here too.  Like this for example. I would never consciously pour [...]
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VW Team Rocking BRP Stickers!

First off, Ogier secured the WRC title in France this weekend. And a video was put together of the Volkswagen team celebrating which showed the inside of the control room [...]
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Eurotrip B Roll

This is all the b roll or random footage from our trip to Europe in May 2013. All the video was shot by us on the trip from either a GoPro, our Iphones, or a Nikon D7000. [...]

WRC Germany

I guess these things happen at WRC parties. I turned around and this guy stands up on the chair and drops his um, yeah into his beer and then chugs his beer as the crowd [...]

24 hrs of LeMans in Chicago

I was pretty bummed I missed going to france to see the race in person so i got together with some friends to get our drink on and watch the race on tv at a local [...]

Lemans 2011 – still in Chicago.

I was supposed to be landing in amsterdam in the next hour but intstead i am at home working on the rally cross pikes peak car. Turns out Amsterdam requires a passport to be [...]