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The 3 Best Nurburgring In Car Videos

This is a tough post as there is a ton of incredible footage from the famous Nurburgring. There are also some faster laps that either weren’t filmed or uploaded to the [...]
BMW Crash canyon

How To Stuff Your BMW In 4K!

I’m surprised the car isn’t more damaged after running straight into a wall high in second gear. I feel bad for the guy but you can see it coming the moment he [...]
dildo shift knob

Dildo Shift Knobs?

Apparently dildo shift nobs are a thing? I mean ‘ve seen some large phallic knobs on some racecars over the years but this one is actually advertized as a dildo shift [...]
oneil winter

Team Oneil Tips: Carjacking 

The Team Oneil Rally School is the best rally school in North America. They not only train rally drivers but they teach winter driving courses and advanced driving techniques [...]
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1978 Motorsport Documentary

I just found this on Jalopnik and felt it was worth sharing. Im still not entirely sure what it is, but I know its interesting and its footage that I’ve never seen [...]
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XP1K3 Trailer Looks AWESOME!

T​he highly anticipated third installment of RJ Anderson’s mind bending viral off­road video series has completed production and is currently in final stages of editing. [...]
subaru grc

Launch Control S03:E09

Episode 9 of Launch Control is out covering the NEFR Party, testing in NH, and Racing at Ojibwe, and GRC at Los Angeles. Ojibwe Forest Rally is the penultimate round of the [...]

Win 50 Motorbooks!

Motorbooks is turning 50 this year and is offering 50 books of your choice to one lucky winner. The contest is here on their Facebook page. It looks like you need to make a [...]
Isis Toyota Hilux

Toyota Trucks Preferred By ISIS

We all know the Hilux is pretty awesome and apparently the guys of Isis have figured this out as well. Almost every truck in their promo/propaganda video is a Toyota. Sure [...]
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How Real Is Dirt Rally?

Codemasters new rally simulation is AWESOME! I finally got a chance to play it and I’m seriously addicted. The car’s physics feel real. The cars handle the way [...]

What’s The Best Motorsport Tattoo? 

I seen some Senna tattoos that are pretty cool. I see a lot of Ford, Chevy and Mopsr stuff. Even Ken Block’s fans have inked themselves with his logos and liveries. But [...]
Monaco Grand Prix Ferrari on Main Straight

Provisional F1 Calendar And New Rules

The provisional calendar for the 2016 FIA Formula One World Championship was updated yesterday and it looks pretty good. It’s sad to see all the historic tracks go away [...]
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Alaska: The Road Trip Of A Lifetime!

Travis Marr takes an incredible adventure every August for his Birthday. Last year it was Japan. This year he choose Alaska. And he choose to drive his Land Rover Discovery [...]
motorcycle lawn mower

You’re Mowing The Wrong Way!

I saw this and immediately thought “Why didn’t I do this in high school?” Mowing the lawn sucks. It’s a complete waste of time. It grows back in two [...]
dirt rally on board

Dirt Rally Is AWESOME!

I finally got to play Dirt Rally and can tell you its awesome. The stages are tight and difficult. The rear wheel drive E30 M3 was handful and crash damage was pretty cool. [...]

Mustang Week 2015 Recap

Back in July I continued my yearly tradition of making the drive out to Myrtle Beach, SC to attend Mustang Week. While I know that not everyone on this site has much interest [...]
how to drift by ken block

How To Drift By Ken Block

We’ve all seen Ken Block’s Gymkhana series and its pretty awesome. But rarely has he sat down and talked about it. Even more rare is taking a journalist out on [...]
M3 3rd place

BMW M3 Is Now 3rd In Class

I’ve been saying BMW has lost its edge for a few years now. Mostly because the new cars aren’t very fun to drive. But also because people are no longer racing the [...]
Russian Dash Cam

Russian Dash Cam: Car Jumps To Death

This is one of the worst Russian dash cam crashes that I’ve seen. It’s especially bad because the driver of the car died on impact. The police report suggest that [...]

DiRT Rally 0.700

I officially take my hat off for the Codemasters. No other game developer has managed to rack up that much positive vibe in such a short time. The first glimpse of their [...]
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Dbags, Cars, & Coffee In Orange County

Remember Cars & Coffee in Orange County? Hopefully you do and got a chance to see it before it disappeared, because the reincarnation of the famed car meet-up is pretty [...]

Video Game Battles: Stealth Games

Yes, I am aware that we are mostly an automotive website, but sometimes setting the best lap time or pulling a perfect drift is just not satisfying enough, or as it is very [...]
Lime-Rock-Park-go kart

Illegal Hooning at Lime Rock?

When the news first broke last night, it was difficult to say what had happened. I’ve never heard of cars running Lime Rock park at 8:30pm and naturally assumed someone [...]
josh tons good bye

Goodbye Josh Tons

Normally when someone leaves a company, you wish them luck on their future endeavors. Sometimes a person leaves in such a manner you have no choice, but to write an [...]
travis pastrana interview NEFR 2015

Basic Tips For a Video Interview

There will come a time when someone wants to hear you on camera. It could be a quick sound bite or they might be looking for an introduction, like bio, for the series [...]
Need for Speed cover

Need For Speed – Icons Edition

Need for Speed is back with another driving game which is a good thing because their movie sucked. “Unwatchable” is how my friends described it. So hopefully this [...]

The Allure of Car TV Shows

I almost avoided writing about this. Every single automotive blog, website, forum, news agency, etc has written about Top Gear’s demise. I’m sure even some Old [...]
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