LEGO Speed Champions!

This is amazing! I love legos! I love motorsport! It’s like the Reese’s peanut butter cup of toys! This spring there there will be a complete line of legos [...]

Dirty BMW 633csi

This is Wyatt Knox sideways in a 1979 BMW 633csi on a friends home made dirt track. What have you done with your car that you probably shouldn’t have? Or better yet, [...]

Attend a beer festival near you

What are you doing this weekend?  If your first answer isn’t “working on my car, “racing,” or “watching a race” chances are there is a [...]

Castrol EDGE Titanium Strong Blackout

A team of world-class drivers, powered by Castrol EDGE boosted with Titanium FST™, take on a challenge like no other, in complete darkness, in a race against the lights. [...]

TopGear Festival Barbados

Top Gear Festival will make its Americas debut on the Caribbean island of Barbados at the newly renovated Bushy Park Circuit on 17-18 May, 2014. Hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, [...]

How to Start the Build Race Party Scout

So first off the accelerator pump is bad in the carb and a rebuild kit on the way. But until then, this is how you start the scout, keep in mind there is no parking brake [...]
Farah Panama

Tuned Goes To Panama!

This is excellent! I love the normal format of Tuned and the cars they drive are amazing. But this Panama trip is the real deal. Matt Farah hits the road with the Drive crew [...]
No Picture

Camping and Off Roading

I know you cant see it.  You have to click thru to the video.  And normally I screen capture some frames to give you a feel for the video but this guys work is so good I [...]
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Tis The Season To Be Gnarly

This video is everything I love about having fun with friends and cars. I know a UTV is not a car but it does have four wheels and an engine and man do they fly! And this [...]
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Flying BMWs

BMWs were not meant to fly. But there are a few of us that cant stop sending them over jumps. My friend Colin Rogers found this first video and said the little E30 and can [...]
Ken Block Gymkhana Parody

Ken Block Gymkhana Parody!

This is excellent.  Who cares if its a commercial for one of those drift carts you see at Pep Boys near checkout, this video rocks.  First off, its exactly what any of us [...]
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Whiskey and What?

Build Race Party isn’t all rally racing and car builds and wrenches.  There’s some party in here too.  Like this for example. I would never consciously pour [...]
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VW Team Rocking BRP Stickers!

First off, Ogier secured the WRC title in France this weekend. And a video was put together of the Volkswagen team celebrating which showed the inside of the control room [...]
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Eurotrip B Roll

This is all the b roll or random footage from our trip to Europe in May 2013. All the video was shot by us on the trip from either a GoPro, our Iphones, or a Nikon D7000. [...]

WRC Germany

I guess these things happen at WRC parties. I turned around and this guy stands up on the chair and drops his um, yeah into his beer and then chugs his beer as the crowd [...]

24 hrs of LeMans in Chicago

I was pretty bummed I missed going to france to see the race in person so i got together with some friends to get our drink on and watch the race on tv at a local [...]

Lemans 2011 – still in Chicago.

I was supposed to be landing in amsterdam in the next hour but intstead i am at home working on the rally cross pikes peak car. Turns out Amsterdam requires a passport to be [...]