• 1983-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-2
    The group B era of rally is the best. Not just because of the speed of the cars and the nature of the drivers but because of the bizarre machines [...]
  • The Baja Pig
    The drawing is real. Its a 1989 BMW 325is that I converted into a desert racer for the Baja 1000. Turns out its the first production based BMW to [...]
  • NSX SAE Hero Image
    In advance of the market launch of the highly anticipated next generation Acura NSX, the engineers leading the supercar’s development shared [...]
  • IMG_2709-0.JPG

    Naca Duct Vs. Air Scoop

    April 19, 2015

    Ever wondered about racecar aerodynamics but didn’t want to read some ridiculously complicated engineering book? Ever wanted to understand what [...]
  • Scout likes fuel in the morning
    Carburetors are amazing. No matter how messed up they get, the car will generally run. Take this 1974 Scout II I bought last winter. The carb was a [...]
  • 4157534_1429020700.6351
    Those that follow sports car racing in the south east likely have seen and appreciated the talent of young Daytona Beach racer Bobby Kennedy. Last [...]
  • File23
    Lighting is needed for pretty much everything with regards to the automotive world. From warning lights, instrument lighting, headlights, taillights [...]
  • Rally escort for sale
    I love these cars! Rear Wheel Drive Rally Cars are for men with large balls. And the MkII Escort might be the best overall RWD Rally car ever made. [...]
  • IMG_1961-0.JPG

    FOTS: Unmolested Bronco

    April 7, 2015

    Well sort of…. The rear has riveted fenders and the front has a new bumper and bigger tires but generally speaking this thing is pretty [...]
  • Buying the Scout Caswell

    Buying the Scout

    April 6, 2015

    Last winter I bought a 1974 International Harvester Scout II. Yes it’s made by a tractor company. Or maybe you know the company simply as [...]