• DSC02761

    Junkyard Junketer

    August 28, 2015

    I’ve always loved the junkyard. My sense of adventure takes over as I roam looking for the rare and unique. Often I’m amazed at what I [...]
  • Porsche 917 elite kit car front
    This is wild. I’ve never seen one these before and I have to admit that I kind of like it. It’s a kit car and is fitted with a 4 cylinder [...]
  • s52 325ix side
    I found this on Boston Craig’s List for $8,500. We recently saw an S54 swapped 325ix a few weeks ago selling on Bring A Trailer but that one [...]
  • Alex Kelsey Mc2 front suspension
    Matt Farah and the Smoking Tire traveled to New Zealand to check out one of the coolest home built rally cars of all time. Its built by Alex Kelsey [...]
  • IMG_1887
    In the second installment of building an RX-7 into a rally car, I’ll discuss building a four link. (Part One is found HERE) The reason I wanted [...]
  • For Sale: 2005 BMW 325xi Rally Car 19
    This is seriously cool. I’ve always wanted to build a 325ix from an E46 chassis and here’s one for sale in Phoenix, AZ for $20,000. I do [...]
  • Vintage Vw Golf for Sale 7
    This car is definitely a project, but its a cool project. Partly because its a vintage rally car now but mostly because its a cool looking ’76 [...]
  • M6 GT3
    I have to admit the new BMW M6 GT3 car looks and sounds pretty awesome. I’m kind of surprised by how much I like it but generally BMW’s [...]
  • crawford stock turbo kit
    Crawford Performance is releasing a low-cost turbo kit for the BRZ, FRS, GT86 that will sell for $4,400 later this week! This is huge news [...]
  • IMG_7014-1.jpg

    FOTS: What is this?

    August 16, 2015

    Normally when I find something on the street(FOTS) I know exactly what it is because I’m a huge fan of the rare vehicle. But in this case I [...]


  • the field before cotton corners
    We went kart racing this past weekend at buttonwillow raceway’s big track, layout 13cw.  For those not familiar with shifter karts we where [...]
  • Objibwe Forest final results
    The answer is pretty easy. Simply enter the National Rally by paying the higher entry fee(that’s all that’s required) and simply finish. [...]
  • MDU streets of detroit
    The streets of Detroit looks like an awesome event. Deon Van Zyl was there and shot this incredible documentary of Round 2 of the Midwest Drift [...]
  • david higgins
    The 34th running of the Ojibwe Forests Rally (August 28-29) features approximately 147 stage miles over two days which makes it one of the longer [...]
  • Team Subaru Engine Swap
    The title might be a bit misleading as the swap took longer than 48 seconds… It’s a time lapse video but its pretty awesome and they [...]
  • Loring Land Speed racing 4
    A friend just asked if I wanted to check out the high speed runs at Loring Air Force base in Maine on September 4-6, 2015. I decided to check out the [...]
  • Become One Karting

    Become One Karting

    August 24, 2015

    Become One Karting is a documentary on the world of kart racing produced by John Schofner and Logan Wimmer. They raised $42,380 through Kickstarter [...]
  • Standing starts for the shifter kart races at SDKA
    Shifter Kart racing is an adrenaline filled sport featuring close wheel to wheel action, insane acceleration and aggressive corning speeds;  cut [...]
  • brakim widebody m3
    If you don’t know Brakim Racing you probably haven’t been following rally. Brakim is the rally racing team of Matt Brandenburg. Elliot [...]
  • understanding pacenotes
    I’ve written a few articles on undestanding rally pacenotes for Jalopnik, but Hyundai WRC drivers Hayden Paddon and John Kennard are much more [...]


  • Russian Dash Cam
    This is one of the worst Russian dash cam crashes that I’ve seen. It’s especially bad because the driver of the car died on impact. The [...]
  • 1fFKOvZ

    DiRT Rally 0.700

    August 30, 2015

    I officially take my hat off for the Codemasters. No other game developer has managed to rack up that much positive vibe in such a short time. The [...]
  • Lotus 3 Eleven 23_06_15 8g
    Remember Cars & Coffee in Orange County? Hopefully you do and got a chance to see it before it disappeared, because the reincarnation of the [...]
  • Solid_snake_vs_sam_fisher
    Yes, I am aware that we are mostly an automotive website, but sometimes setting the best lap time or pulling a perfect drift is just not [...]
  • Lime-Rock-Park-go kart
    When the news first broke last night, it was difficult to say what had happened. I’ve never heard of cars running Lime Rock park at 8:30pm and [...]
  • josh tons good bye

    Goodbye Josh Tons

    August 13, 2015

    Normally when someone leaves a company, you wish them luck on their future endeavors. Sometimes a person leaves in such a manner you have no [...]
  • travis pastrana interview NEFR 2015
    There will come a time when someone wants to hear you on camera. It could be a quick sound bite or they might be looking for an introduction, like [...]
  • Need for Speed cover
    Need for Speed is back with another driving game which is a good thing because their movie sucked. “Unwatchable” is how my friends [...]
  • maserati-garage-living-room
    I almost avoided writing about this. Every single automotive blog, website, forum, news agency, etc has written about Top Gear’s demise. [...]
  • Capture
    Have you ever wanted to get on the track and race Red Bull Global Rallycross? Of course you have. Well, want no more, as we present the official Red [...]