Race Car Santa Claus Sign Up!

This is a one and done. You can’t come back and change your entries. I know… So do your best to tell me about yourself. Convince me that you’ve worked hard to get to this point and all you need is a roll cage and you’ll be racing. If you screw up, like really screw up, you can fill it out again and I’ll delete the duplicate entries and look at the most recent. I make mistakes all the time. It’s part of life and part of how I learn. But there’s no changing your entries once you click submit. So maybe take your time and fill out a good form. And submit too many duplicate forms and I’ll just skip you for not doing it right the first time, or the second time, or the third…hahaha. I hope to see you soon!

Your Driving Background

I am trying to get new people/ new cars to their first race, but maybe you raced someone's else's car at say the 24hrs of Lemons and now want to race yourself
Have you autocross? Rallycrossed? Entered amateur drift events? Have you ever been on track? Have you attended driving schools? Been to racing schools? What have you done to get ready to race?
None is ok... But maybe start reading. The Unfair Advantage is a good place to start. So is The Limit by Cannell.
I don't mean hardship stories. There are far more deserving people in the world than racers that I could help instead. We have it lucky that we even get to play with cars. I mean do you give back to the racing community? Do you volunteer for teams or race shops or car organizations? Stuff like that.
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(Very optional)

Your Car

I will be caging a car you already own and drive. This isn't about the car you want or intend to buy or want to build. What is in your driveway that we can cage?
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This isn't a beauty contest. I just want to see it.
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Can We Cage Your Car At Your House?

I have all the tools and can work anywhere. But you need a place where we can build for a few days.
Do you have roommates that will get upset? Neighbors that will complain? A Home Owners Association that will fine you? All that stuff...
I have a 220V Generator so we don't need it, but it is louder than your neighbors might appreciate.
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This is optional, but its helpful to see the space we will work in.
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This isn't a deal breaker. I just need to know if I'm moving the truck every night. It does make things more complicated but if you're the right driver, we'll make it work.
Do you have mechanical aptitude? This isn't required. Plenty of good drivers don't wrench on their cars. I need to know if this is a solo mission.
Again, not a requirement. Many of us are the only car person in our social group. That's ok. Its just helpful for me to know how much help we might get.
We can do a lot over the weekend and work at night, but can I keep working if you have to leave? For example, I don't care if you live with your mom, but she might not want me in her garage without you there....

Ability To Race When We're Finished

Racing is expensive. You need entry fees, tires, gas for the car, gas to drive/tow to events. If I cage your car, could you compete in the next month or so?

Why Is This Important To You?

Again, Im not looking for hardship stories. Get your life fixed first. Going racing will usually make your life more complicated if you're not ready.
Are you good to others? Do your parents like you? Do you help your friends? Are you good to your partner? All that stuff. Easy Yes/ No, but I want you to ask yourself, Am I deserving of a free roll cage?