1978 Motorsport Documentary

I just found this on Jalopnik and felt it was worth sharing. Im still not entirely sure what it is, but I know its interesting and its footage that I’ve never seen before. It also covers a pretty cool year in F1 so you get to see┬áLauda, Andretti, Regazzoni, Hunt, Reutemann, Brambilla, Sheckter, Fittipaldi, Patrese, Munari, Villeneuve. Enjoy.

Bill Caswell is a self-taught racing driver, mechanic, and fabricator, and rose to internet fame taking a $500 Craigslist BMW to a World Rally Championship event in Mexico in March of 2010. His exploits have featured in places like ESPN Magazine, Grassroots Motorsports, NPR Radio, Wired.com and Jalopnik.com. A lifelong fan of rally and motorsport, Caswell famously believes nothing to be impossible.