EVO Ultimate Track Car


This is the best video for determining the ultimate track car. It starts out with 80hp Caterham’s and quickly moves into “bonkers front wheel drive hatches” but then we move to the sweet spot. One of a kind bizarre track day weapons that are generally only available in the UK where Evo is based. They also hired proper drivers to set lap times and provide feedback. The video is as real as it gets. I’m tired of listening to journalists tell us which car is the best on a track when they spend their time driving street cars. Isn’t that the job of race car drivers? That’s what Evo did!

Also it must be a requirement that all reviews from England use the word “Mental” to describe a car… If you dont have time for the video, scroll down for some quick comments and the cars lap times. The interesting part is that the fastest car here is not their ultimate track car.  Watch and find out who wins!

So here’s how it shakes out for those that dont have time to watch the whole video:

Cater ham 7 (160): small tires, low power, great to learn vehicle dynamics on track. “Properly sweet little car” (1:17.6)

Megane Trophy R: The most bonkers front wheel drive production car you can buy. Holds  record at the Ring, but still suffers from mid corner understaff (1:07.3)

Renault Clio Cup Race Car: Amazing, faster than the Citroen, 6spd sequential, paddle shift, “You can really hustle it” (104.8)

BBR Miata Mx-5 GT270: Fantastic balance and fun to play around with. Seriously quick for its power. (108.95)

Ariel Atom 3S Turbo: Fun, uncomfortable seats, near perfect for lapping (0:58.9)

Porsche 991 GT3: No manual gearbox, but who cares, there is a reason this is the most popular track car in the world. (1:01.9)

Nissan GTR: Looks like a bit of monster, but feels close to a 991 GT3. “Immense grip and traction” “But its a big car to throw around…you can feel the weight” (102.1)

Radial RXC Turbo. 3.5ltr V6 twin turbo 1050kg, addictive and quick drivable and the magic of downforce. (100.4)

Bradley T76 (Lola T70 Replica): Built to the original blue prints form the 1960’s for historic racing. V8, loud, fast an animal. roughly £250,000 (058.3)

McLaren 650S Sprint: Amazing, refined. Fast and easy to drive (0.57.5)

McLaren 650S GT3 Full race, cage, a lot more aero, room, and grip, but also easier for amateurs to handle. And the high speed stuff…”Absolutely mental” (0.55.8)