Hoonigans Wanted (Found)


Hoonigan Wanted Found

If you’ve been sleeping, or just not subscribed to The Hoonigans on youtube you probably didn’t know they’ve been doing a driver’s challenge to find a Female Hoonigan Driver to pilot their all new Fiat 124 Rally Car. Click HERE , or scroll to watch episode one to get yourself up to speed; I’ll wait….

Today, more precisely a few hours ago, Part 2 was uploaded and it’s awesome. Part 1, in case you didn’t just watch it, was more of a character establishment and fun-filled episode, while Part 2 was definitely all race and elimination. I was rooting for Sally as I am (internet) friends with her boyfriend and Snail Performance teammate Markos. No spoilers, keep scrolling…


PS – Lead image is of Collete Davis, who was so nice when I met her in grid at GRIDLIFE. Kudos to all the young ladies who showed that they all know how to wheel, and congratulations to Sara Price on winning the challenge. Hey Hoonigan, if you’re ever looking for a slowest driver who is really loud and fun at events — I’m your man.