New on Tv: Kart Life


Kart Life premiere January 30 on Trutv and it’s pretty good. Actually, it’s better than good and worth watching – I started typing befor I finished watching. And is assumes you like racing becuase the show covers a few families as their kids compete against each other throughout an entire season of karting.

It’s everything you would expect. One kid drives clean and guess what? The other kid drives dirty. And his family doesn’t seem to care as long he wins. Remember that scene from the Karate Kid? Finish him Johnny! Like that, but with karting. We’ll sort of. It’s still a bunch of kids.

But the show is decent. One kid keeps losing power becuase his engine overheats. But they need it hot to make power. So they put strips of tape on the radiator and the kid needs to monitor water temps and remove tape during the race. It’s standard for karting but cool that they covered it.

Then they go back to the parent’s dealing with the racer’s little brother. So it’s still reality tv for mainstream America, but at least it’s racing and the racing is real.

At one point there was a red flag and one of the kid’s carb was loose or something. The dad claims he didn’t know the rules and told his kid to fix it while it was grid… You need to watch to see what happens.

And this is just the first episode. It looks like episode 2 has the parent’s confronting each other about their kids dirty driving while the kids continue to battle on track. Tune in next Wednesday!

Here’s the cast if you’re curious how old they drivers are and what the families look like.