Nasa Rally Sport Holds First Test Day



Ever see two guys so happy to have stuffed their rally car? It’s because they were testing. Practicing!

Thirty days after announcing it would sanction rally car testing, there were two test days on the NASA Rally Sport calendar. The first one took place last weekend in Humptulips, Washington (Note: Who named this town?!) and it was sold out shortly after opening registration. To be fair, only 10 cars are allowed per test which allows the day to run smoothly and even more importantly, it makes the test day manageable for anyone wishing to host their own test day through NASA Rally Sport.


The cost of sanctioning a test through NASA is $925 and there are some basic rules that need to be followed. Almost all relate to saftety. Only one stage road may be used, you must have a ham radio link between the start and finish, certified paramedic needs to be on site and so on. All the details can be found here:

The cost per driver was $150 and while NASA Rally Sport sets up the electronic payment, the funds go directly to the Event Chairman for those of you considering setting up your own day. NASA Rally Sport makes it really easy. This first test one was organized by the following and I heard it was great day for everyone that showed up.

Event Chairman: Agatino Fortunato
Clerk of the Course: Gene McCullough
Registrar: Kris Marciniak, NASA Rally Sport Director

Nice work on setting the first one up! And here’s a quick video of some of the teams testing.

For anyone looking to set up a test day please see the Nasa Rally Sport Contact Page:

Photos borrowed from Agatino Fortunato Facebook Page