Lone Star Drift, Round 1, 2016

lone star drift

I’ve never run a drift event but this makes me want to sign up. The video covers the first round of the Lone Star Drift series down in Texas and it looks like a great time. Cool cars, good people, a fast course and you get to drift by a Waffle House!

lone star drift

Deon Van Zyl, a South African film maker, produced the video after finding out about the event a ways back. Van Zyl shoots professionally but in his free time makes these awesome videos covering cars, track days, and drifting. His work has an amazing feel because he gets to produce it with his own vision. Here’s what he had to say about making the video.

“About a year ago I discovered a drift series in Texas called Lone Star Drift. Shortly thereafter I made contact with the organizer and a couple of months later while on vacation, I headed over to film their first round of the year. As is regularly the case with personal work, I sat on the footage for far too long but I’m glad to have finally found the time to cut together a piece and share it with the drivers.” – Deon van Zyl, South African Film maker.


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