“I Was Just driving”

Robert Kubica wasn't born rally driver but take a look at this video from Monte Carlo a week ago and you would never know he drove those fancy Formula One deals. He was hustling all weekend and sure he had some off's, but his pace seemed way faster than previous rallies. When asked about his performance he answered. “I was just driving”

Yes you were Kubica! Keep on driving!


Bill Caswell is a self-taught racing driver, mechanic, and fabricator, and rose to internet fame taking a $500 Craigslist BMW to a World Rally Championship event in Mexico in March of 2010. His exploits have featured in places like ESPN Magazine, Grassroots Motorsports, NPR Radio, Wired.com and Jalopnik.com. A lifelong fan of rally and motorsport, Caswell famously believes nothing to be impossible.