Open Light Rally Car Wins Stage 12 Overall


Something has to be wrong with David Higgins Open Class Subaru because his time on Stage 12 was 4th overall. Even stranger is that an Open Light classed car took first over all on Stage 12! Justin Pritchard and Ryan Scott must be hustling their little Subaru. Here is a screen capture of the 12th stage showing the relative stage times almost every car in the field(National and Regional):Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 6.04.23 PM

Their car is naturally aspirated and far slower than the Open Class cars of David Sterckx, Brenten Kelly, and and Peter Fetela. The one thing to keep in mind is the weather. Its snowing like mad at the rally. Loose grip favors a lighter car and if you can’t put power down you might as well not have any and make the car easier to drive. Here is a photo from service from just a little bit ago:


This happened back in the 1980’s at the Monaco Grand Prix. A new driver named Ayrton Senna showed up in a Naturally aspirated Toleman and nearly spanked the entire field on a soaking wet track. This must be what Justin and Ryan are enjoying in the snow at 100 Acre Woods. And yes I just compared an open lights regional rally car to an F1 car.

Photos from Facebook and Screen Capture from