Michael Korody

I live for competitive racing.  I’ve been racing for over 4 years and have experience on all sides of the sport; instructing, staffing events, building/tuning, and the most enjoyable racing!  I’m studying for a degree in mechanical engineering but motor sports are my true passion.  I have raced LAKC, SKUSA, SDKA, NCK, TRI-C, SuperMiata, SCCA, NASA,  and maintain communication with drivers and organizers in all series.

Races Entered & Highlights


NCK- Buttonwillow 8/27/2011 155 pts out of 200

NCK- Reno Fernley 9/24/2011 177 pts out of 200

NCK- Laguna Seca Cork Screw Invitational, finished top 10

NCK- Finished partial season 10th out of 22 while missing 4 races


NCK- Buttonwillow 2/18/2012 177 pts out of 200

NCK-Willow Springs Big Willow 4/8/2012 148 pts out of 200 (delaminated tire in main event)


SDKA- Qualcomm west lot March 1st place overall

HPDE- Purchased Spec Miata began HPDE Track Days with Speed Ventures

SCCA- Buttonwillow Obtained Novice Permit Racing License


NASA- WERC Buttonwillow 3hr Enduro 3rd place E3

NCK- Laguna Seca (Corkscrew Invitational) 7/19-20/2014 2nd place F150, 4th place Spec Class

SCCA- SDR Auto-x Championship Event 7/ 27/2014 2nd Place BSP


NCK- Laguna Seca (Cork Screw Invitational) 1/24/2015 last to 3rd place race 2

LAKC- S3 Stock Honda Shifter 3/29/2015 2nd place

Tri-C 125cc Shifter 6/6/2015 1st place

LAKC- S3 Stock Honda Shifter 6/14/2015 3rd Place

NCK- Buttonwillow xx/xx/2015 Spec Class 1St Place

SDKA- Open Shifter w/ borrowed 1999 CRG and under powered engine 3rd Place

SKUSA- Streets of Lancaster S3 3rd Place

SDKA- Qualcomm West Course October 2015 Qualified 1st in class & 2nd overall, finished 3rd place

SKUSA- Received S2 Semi-Pro License


SKUSA- TBD California ProKart Challenge in S2 Semi-Pro

NCK- Corkscrew Invitational (if fits into SKUSA schedule)

Bumping is racing, Shhh we weren’t bump-drafting @112mph! (Laguna Seca Corkscrew Invitational 2014)


Post race wash down after finishing 3rd in my first NASA race (3hr NASA WERC enduro )


Throwing it way back to my first sprint race and win! (SKDA 2013)

July-20-2014-SpeedVentures-ReFuel - NCK - Race-Turn 11 - FAB_1696-Jul2014

The green flag for the corkscrew invintational with around 40 angry karts! (Green kart mid photo Laguna Seca 2014)

July-19-2014-SpeedVentures - NCK - Practice-Corkscrew Set 1 - ZB__1763-Jul1914

Droping into the corkscrew full throttle all the way to the turn onto the start finish straight.  The karts may be small but we managed to go faster than the fastest IMSA GS cars!  (Laguna Seca Cork Screw Invitational 2014)


When things got serious!  My first SKUSA race in S3 at the streets of Lancaster GP, next year i will be campaigning in the S2 Semi Pro Class with Super Karts USA!

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Musgrave Racing Co.

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