Dylan Hauge

Name:  Dylan Blaze Hauge – Contributor / Photographer
DOB: June 11th, 1986
Resides: Illinois USA
Interests/Hobbies: Photography, Hockey, Computers, Autocross

Dylan  is an Illinois native known for shooting anything from local autocross to Rally America. In 2002 his father bought him a desktop computer for school, and on one of the last pages of the checkout process they offered a digital camera add-on; a Sony Mavica MVCFD100 to be precise. You know, the big ugly digital camera that you could plug a 3.5″ floppy disk into the side of. What started as a hobby grew into so much more; now the words passion and addiction go hand and hand. Dylan’s goal is to provide top quality exposures of experiences that, for whatever the reason, may not be available to everyone. For the most part you will find him either shooting or racing his own car at a local autocross event; so more of his coverage will feature the grassroots racing local to the Midwest. He also makes treks throughout the year across the US to cover different events from the Rally America Championship to the SCCA Solo Nationals.

 Build Race Party - RTK STPR 14 - DBH-Photo Build Race Party - Milwaukee SCCA - DBH Photo