Race Car Santa Clause Referrers

This is a one and done. Once submitted, you cannot change your entry. But you can enter a few people. Some regions will have numerous people that deserve a cage for numerous reasons. You can enter more than one person, but you can’t change your entry once you submit it. So please let me know why this person is the one I want to give a free roll cage too. Thank you for helping me with this process.

Your Credentials

You should be a race shop, a race organizer, work for a car club, or be a seriously seasoned racer that knows who should get a free cage. Something like that. This is not for your friend to fill out...

About The Candidate

Make sure they register. If they're not in the database, I won't go track them down. The Name field doesn't need to match their name perfectly. They might enter their full name, and you the name they go by, but I can search by last name. I'll figure it out.
This is just to make sure I have the correct "John Smith"