Last Place to Top 3 Shifter Kart Battle at Laguna Seca

Dropping in on the Corkscrew with a 125cc Shifter Kart

Fighting tire issues in qualifying and heat race one, I found myself starting the last race of the day dead last.  Two laps into qualifying both front tires went flat under braking into turn 1 at over 100 mph, after adding air in the pits i lasted another couple laps until the front right went flat. . . went out with higher than normal air pressure and more neutral brake bias in race 1 to try and extend the life of my tires. . . made it a couple laps before the rear right delaminated from the sidewalls. . .  in another class the rear left lost pressure and started delaminating as well. . . After cobbling together 4 tires from my initial set of 8 i set out for redemption in the final race of the day.


The race is a two class format with 36 karts seeing the green flag over all, 18 in my class and 9 in the skusa class.  The main difference between the classes is race weight and engines aloud with the skusa class karts being slightly faster than the super stock kart i was racing.  The conditions made for an exciting race working up to the front from the very back!  In the last couple laps i started to loose pressure yet again in my tires, the rear left tire dropped down from 14 psi to 7 psi… making for a very loose kart in the faster corners. . .