BRP Rally Week: 20% Off Team Oneil Rally School


oneil winter
Want to get better at driving? Want to drive rally cars? Drink beers at night with other car guys? Share ridiculous stories about stupid things you did with cars(I have a lot of these)? Then come join me at Team ONeil Rally School on February 14th. It’s 20% off for our group.

The class starts on a Saturday which is rare. Meaning you need less vacation time. Even better is that is Valentines Day! You don’t need a girlfriend! You need more rally car. Trust me on this. It’s located in Littleton, New Hampshire and last year guys were able to share rides to the school and hotel rooms making it even more reasonable.

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So here’s the deal. We need four guys to sign up to open the week for us and you can stay 2, 3, or all 4 days. And finally, you need to call (603) 444-4484 or email to reserve your spot. Here’s a look at the property during the summer. There really isn’t a better place to learn rally skills and have fun with car guys. And if you have questions feel free to send me an email. Caswellmotorsport at Gmail.