Road America Spectator Guide

There are many difference races at Road America and different parts of the tracks are used for different events.  For example during the ALMS weekends you want to check if the small track by the kink is being used for rental karts.  If so, you want to do that.  They were way faster than expected.  While over there you can cross the bridge and watch cars turn into one of the coolest corners in the North America, ‘The Kink.’



Porkchop hill

John the babtist

I like breakfast on crest of main straight

Night Food

5th street?

First off you are in northern wisconsin. This is a great thing once you start to appreciate how far out into the woods you really are.  And at night you go to seibkins but after steaks at 23234234.  The cool thing about siebkins is that it used to be on the old racing circuit that ran thru town. And the bell behind the bar?  If it rings and you dont salute in time, its a shot of Yeager or you pretty much get shamed into leaving.  The fridge in back? Yeah its full of bottle of yaeger, you cant win this one.

Bar at Ofstoff

5th street

bar across tracks with photos on walls

Bar at steak place





The weird places on the right on the way into town.

Camp(see below)




Turn 7 down to turn 8 is where we always camped but almost anywhere away from the main straight is amazing.

Golf cart. makes life way easier, but be careful. seriously.

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