Mercedes Benz C300d Wagon Out-Muscles and Undercuts Price of BMW 328d Wagon in Canada

Mercedes-Benz Canada are making a big deal out of the fact that Canada is getting the C300d wagon and sedan while American shoppers are only getting the sedan. In fact they even brought one out to show the excitable Canucks. Canadians are big fans of diesel and wagons so naturally we get very giddy around these sorts of vehicles. Along with the car, they brought some option information and pricing. Mercedes-Benz are undercutting BMW by over $2,000 Canadian.



It was very hard to get this shot with no drooling Canucks in it.

It was very hard to get this shot with no drooling Canucks in it.

The other big deal with this diesel is the power.  The 2.1 litre turbo outguns the 2.0 in the equivalent BMW 3 wagon with 200HP and 369lb/ft of torque absolutely crushing the Bavarian’s 180HP and 280lb/ft.

BMW also charges $49,700 in Canada for a 328d wagon. Mercedes is planning on selling this car for under $47,000 but that is before they hit you up for the panoramic sunroof. You don’t need one, but it really is a great feature. It’s also standard on the BMW. Given the high cost of this option, maybe that’s how Mercedes are undercutting BMW.

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