NBC SportsNetwork and Rally America, Inc. have reached an agreement to bring eight episodes of the 2014 Rally America National Championship to NBC viewers.Each one-hour show will be jointly produced by Rally America and Rage Productions and will showcase each of the National Championship events. In addition to top quality action sports coverage, episodes will feature personal stories of national and regional competitors as they battle to overcome obstacles in their race to the podium. This is rally racing action as you’ve never seen it before.



Sno*Drift Rally Airs: April 5, 2:00pm
Rally in the 100 Acre Wood Airs: May 3, 6:00pm
Oregon Trail Rally Airs: June 1, 6:00pm
Susquehannock Trail Rally Airs: June 28, 6:00pm
Climb to the Clouds Airs: July 12, 2:00pm
New England Forest Rally Airs: August 9, 2:30pm
Ojibwe Forests Rally Airs: September 6, 5:30pm
Lake Superior Performance Rally Airs: November 16, 4:00pm


See www.rally-america.com for a complete Rally America National Championship event schedule.

“I think it’s awesome that Rally America and NBC Sports have come together this season,” said Ken Block of Hoonigan Racing Division. “Bringing stage rally in America to TV is a huge step forward not only for the sport but for the fans as well. I’m stoked that family and friends will now have an easier time watching me compete in the sport that I love.”

NBC Sports has quickly moved into the forefront of motorsports coverage having recently signed a 10-year contract with NASCAR beginning in 2015. NBC Sports Network is also quickly adding various other motorsports programming opportunities rounding out their already impressive line up.

Rally America continues to attract top driving talent and extreme sports icons such as last year’s Rally America Champion David Higgins along with Ken Block, Travis Pastrana, Antoine L’Estage and a large group of up and coming competitors in every class.

“I’m very excited about the return of Travis Pastrana to the Rally America National Championship,” said Bill Fogg, President of Rally America, Inc. “I think Travis will add to the excitement that David, Ken and Antoine have been delivering to our fans. We have talent coming out of the woodwork in all rally classes and I see more than just these four bringing top notch race excitement to our viewers during the 2014 season.”

“This is great news for the Championship at just the right time,” added Subaru Rally Team USA’s David Higgins. “Getting on NBC will not only get our sport out to those who can’t make it to the events, but will also find new fans who may not have experienced one of the best forms of motorsports there is.”

There are no ovals, pace cars or rain delays. Rally racing features real cars racing against the clock on closed-off sections of real roads that are usually unpaved and unforgiving. Events can last several days and cover hundreds of miles through rain, snow, day or night. This extreme test of skill, speed and endurance is what makes rally racing the world’s premiere and most exciting motor sport, one that is quickly growing in North America.
Follow the Rally America National Championship at www.rally-america.com and for more information, photos and videos as the season progresses.

Rally America is proudly supported by Subaru of America, Inc., Ford Racing, Honda Performance Development, Exedy Racing Clutches, VP Racing Fuels, Streetwise Parts and GoPro.