Pontiac G8 “Holden Ute” conversion on ebay!


As Americans we don’t receive a lot of the cool cars the rest of the world gets, and this eBay find gives someone the chance at owning something pretty unique in the ‘States.

Back when Pontiac was still in existence one of the last cars to move through its doors was the G8. Essentially, a re-badged Holden Commodore the car ticked all the boxes: mid-sized sedan with decent room, big motor options, big brakes, good styling.

Shortly before the 2009 financial fiasco, Pontiac teased the U.S. market with the possibility of bringing the El Camino name back with the G8 ST, but alas it was not to be.

Photo By Julia LaPalme via Motortrend.com
Photo By Julia LaPalme via Motortrend.com

But, this enterprising person found a way to convert a U.S. spec car into a G8 Ute Holden Commodore. And, it’s for sale right now on ebay!