For Sale: “Do you even drift Brah?”


Do you even drift Brah? Want a car that makes you feel like a man (using that term loosely)? I’ve got the beast for you! This car was built for a big burley logger type to drive, talking logging boots, full beard, and your favorite set of flannels. The purple paint you might think takes away from this manliness, but believe it or not you can see through it in most places, has the texture of a spray in bed liner, and the prep work of a bad Macco shop.

What am I getting at here you ask? Well let me tell you who this car isn’t for! This is not a polished turd for some cardigan wearing hipster. It’s not a car for someone who cares about looks, nor one for someone who doesn’t know how to turn a wrench! She isn’t a trailer queen, clean one owner, nor adult driven only on sunny days.

What it is would be a 1999 Miata Sport package, 5 speed transmission, with a DIY Turbo kit, T3/4 running 7 ish pounds of boost managed by the Voodoo piggy back system. It has Tein coil overs, boost and air/fuel gauges, new inter-cooler, and is quick for a Miata. She pulls good, comes from south of VT/NH so there is very little rust, and is a great platform for a street/drift/track car. I am not an inspection station, mechanic, or lawyer so don’t ask me what it would take to get it inspected. It passed inspection in VT last summer, that’s the best I can tell you!

The bad: The exhaust is special…. I mean that in a nice way. It isn’t my style, but works and doesn’t sound too horrible. The car will stumble at idle if you are cranking on the boost, and then come to a sudden stop. I checked for boost leaks and didn’t find one, but it doesn’t happen every time so it is hard to replicate. AGAIN, the car isn’t pretty, and is rough around the edges! She is a perfect track car, drift queen, slam pig! You can’t build it for what I am asking, nor do I really care what your cousin’s sister’s nephew bought a mint one for!

Maybe bad, maybe good: The interior is partially stripped. By this I mean behind the seats is stripped, no carpet, and the door panels don’t match (again, if this bothers you it isn’t the car for you). The bumpers are cut up, and held on with duct tape, bubble gum, and maybe a few rivets. I mounted it a little better today, but with the purpose I had in mind for the car it fits the bill! No, I didn’t build it, nor want any of the credit. The guy I bought it from did a pretty good job putting it together mechanically, and has driven it about 4,000 miles since the kit was put on. I bought it for a track day car, to beat around in, and as an occasional project.

My wife reminded me I struggle to find time to do the things on my plate now, and I’ll be damned if she isn’t right again. So, with that said, I told her I wear the damn pants, and after she got done slapping me around I decided to post it with the thought that if it doesn’t bring my asking price then I will continue to tool it around! She comes with stock NA rims painted gold (ya, they are sexy). The ones on it in the pics are now on my 05 track car!

Don’t ask me what my “best cash price is”. I posted it up above! No way in your fairytale princess mind do you expect me to take anything other than crisp $100 bills. No bank checks, cashier checks, money orders, rubber checks, credit cards, IOU’s, or other forms of payments. If you can’t afford to pay me for the car, then this isn’t the one for you!

Here’s the link to the Craigs list ad in case you want to buy it!