This Corolla has a Mullet!


The little Corolla looks normal from the front. Sure there’s a front lip and side skirts, but its pretty clean. Then you walk around to the back and mother of god, there’s party going on!

Louvers, a wing, and a bumper so large you could sit on it! I’m surprised there isn’t a 5″ exhaust but almost everything else than can be bolted on, is bolted on! I believe this is the rear window without the louvers. What are all those Nippon America signs?

Here’s another look. What are those?

Ok, back to the party!

It’s so awesome. From the front you would never know. But one look inside and you’ll notice something isn’t right. It’s like an insane asylum edition where everything is padded so you can’t hurt yourself!

Those seats are so plush!

And the doors got some love too. and you want carbon fiber door cards.

If for some crazy reason, you need a car like this, its yours for $4k on Craigslist!