In Car – Snow Drift 2009


This is from my 4th rally. The car was still a stock M42 power 1991 318i. I had changed the front springs to 350lbs for LSPR and they were too stiff for the snow but otherwise it was a stock car. And I didnt even have time to properly fit rally lights. I figured my speed would be so slow on the ice that it wouldn’t make much of a difference. And I was for the most part right eventhough the video looks pretty dark at times. ¬†Elliot Sherwood was Co-driving and we had a good time passing cars here and there with the RWD BMW. In this one we catch a Jetta. We had been pushing harder but got stuck in a snow bank pretty good and decided to run a bit easier given the conditions. ¬†The tires were Nokian Hakka’s in 16″