Racing Heroes – Travis Tollett


Travis is one the coolest, most amazing guys I know. People ask me all the time who I look up to. Guys like Block, Atko, Said, and Travis Tollett. Whenever I think I can’t do something I think of Travis and how hard he fights to race. It’s usually what I think about when I’m tired or I’m afraid we won’t make the race. I think of Travis and how hard he fought to race again after losing his ability to walk in a racing incident. It took a while but he got there. And he never stopped trying. Ever. And two years ago became the first quadriplegic to race up the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb!

Most of my friends ask how this is possible when you need your arms to steer! ┬áTravis’s break medically describes him as a quadriplegic but thru hard work he has been able to get into a race car! Here’s his story on video. Oh one last thing. Travis is Build Race Party’s graphic designer and he’s always looking to do more work for race teams. So hit me up at Buildraceparty at Gmail and I’ll get you guys in touch.
The cool thing is that Travis never stopped racing. When he couldn’t drive he strapped into his friends cars as a codriver. ┬áThat’s how I first met Travis. And we’ve been friends ever since.