Red Bull Global Rallycross has announced a revised structure for Supercar manufacturer points beginning with the upcoming 2015 season. Under the new system, the top-finishing eligible entrant from each recognized manufacturer is eligible to score points at each race, which will be tallied with its own five-point system.

“We wanted to make the system to where it was balanced for all the manufacturers, regardless of the number of cars that were competing,” said Joey Mancari, Red Bull GRC vice president of competition. “In essence, we’ve made it to where, if there is one brand with a smaller amount of cars than another brand, it isn’t based on car count, it’s based on performance of the teams.”


To be eligible to score points toward the manufacturer’s championship, an entry must fulfill the following criteria:

  • The entry must be competing for a manufacturer marque recognized as part of the championship. Red Bull GRC currently recognizes Ford, Subaru, and Volkswagen are currently recognized manufacturer marques.
  • The driver in the entry must be eligible for the Supercar driver’s championship. In 2015, drivers must commit to and declare that they will run a minimum of six Red Bull GRC Supercar events to be scored for driver’s championship points.
  • The entry must be the highest finishing vehicle that satisfies both of these criteria for the manufacturer. A guest driver is not eligible to score points towards the manufacturer’s championship, regardless of finishing position.


The top-placing manufacturer will earn five points towards the manufacturer’s championship, which will now be tallied independently of driver’s points. The second-placing manufacturer will earn four points, and so on, with the fifth-placing manufacturer (and any subsequent brands placing below them) earning a single point. Ford has won each of the past four manufacturer’s championships.

Photo credit: Larry Chen