Lamborghini Huracan for £5k? What’s the Catch?


You see the ad and you think it must be a wheel for Huracan, like one wheel,nit even a set. Or maybe it’s for a fancy Lamboman luggage set? But no, it’s £5k for the whole car. Or really what’s left of it!

Remember the huge crash last week? In Hungary at over 200mph? Well that’s how you rip a few hundred thousand in value from the list price of a Lamborghini Huracan.

And it does appear that a few parts are missing becuase the seller does list a carbon brake rotor for £800. So you might need to replace a few things….

Here he is losing control at 320km. It’s not pretty. And there are more pictures the car. It’s a mess.

The original ad is on a Hungarian classifieds site The asking price is two million Hungarian….