Highest Mileage Exige Ever?

I used to own an Exige. It was my daily driver for roughly 10,000 miles a year. I loved it. My girlfriend hated it. But she’s tall so it doesn’t really count. You see the Lotus Exige (and an Elise with the top on) are nearly impossible to get in and out of it. It must be the worst ergonomics of any modern car sold. If there was trophy for this sort of thing there would be a model of an Exige.

Then there’s this guy selling his 2007 Exige with 82,900 miles on the odometer. Really? That’s nearly 14,000 miles a year for 6 years straight, in an Exige.  I bet he traded in for a Lexus…

Here’s the full ad for anyone that’s curious:


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