EBC Blue Stuff NDX Brake Pads


EBC is a UK-based company that is known for manufacturing high quality, high performance brakes for nearly any application.

EBC’s latest line of brake pads know as “Blue Stuff NDX” are marketed as an intermediate track pad that can be used on the street. Unlike other track pads, the EBC pads do not produce unnecessary noise, dust and do not need to be hot in order to function. Perfect for someone who enjoys track days/autocross on the weekends and doesn’t want to have to worry about switching out brake pads for the event.


I recently installed a set on my 2013 Ford Mustang and after and few days of normal commute driving they were bedded in enough to really test them out.

After putting a few aggressive 60-10 mph stops the pads began to get warm, while they provide good bite cold, the performance of the pads does increase when they are hot.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFqwJvo7wgI]

Even after 5+ 60-10 mph aggressive stops the pads consistently provided excellent pad feeling and braking performance, even though they were smoking by the last few stops.

Overall if you are looking for a street-able, track ready pad I recommend looking at EBC’s Blue Stuff NDX line. Though if you are used to buying the $30 auto-parts store brand pads the price of the EBC pads may come as a bit of a shock (around $100 per set of my Mustang).