BMW M235ix testing at the Nürburgring


You see manufacturer cars at the ring all the time. They’re not special. There are regular cars hiding in camouflage all over the place. Sitting there outside of Pistenklause. Or in the industrial park. It just a part of being at the Ring. But every so often you find something that’s a bit off but you don’t know why. Like this 2 series. 20140419-114039.jpg

It makes you ask why is this camouflaged. And what’s with the black tape? 20140419-114334.jpg The tape covers holes that I think are the drilled welds or rivets for the VLN race car version of the 2 series but with fender flares. In not entirely sure why they used that chassis or fenders for testing the AWD version of the 2 series but it appears they did. So how do I know this is the AWD ix model? Because the wheels were turned and I could get a picture without touching the car. 20140419-114746.jpg And there is the front half shaft…, awd 2 series. They’ve told us it’s coming thru leaked Canadian BMW docs. But what is this? A wide body version? And AWD variant of the VLN car for when it rains at the Ring? Doubtful. BMW had always raced RWD. AWD is Audi’s playground. Here a shot of the front suspension part number. Maybe you guys know what this will be? 20140419-115107.jpg