Video Game Battles: Stealth Games


Yes, I am aware that we are mostly an automotive website, but sometimes setting the best lap time or pulling a perfect drift is just not satisfying enough, or as it is very often the case, no matter what you do you just can’t focus behind the wheel of your virtual race car. So instead of destroying your strained nerves even further it’s sometimes better to  switch genres even for a bit. Or take a walk, but who are we kidding? 

So, today we are mixing thing up a bit and going to finally settle the score between two of the greatest stealth game franchises – Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell. Well, to be hones, the following text is going to be me telling everyone how Splinter Cell is better than MGS in almost any imaginable way. So, let’s begin, shall we?

The first thing that makes Splinter Cell stand out is that the main character is more relatable, more realistic even. Okay, I do realize that a most, if not all of us can’t really relate to either one of these two main characters, (three if you count Raiden, but we’re mostly comparing Sam to Snake) but for some reason I feel like a soldier who works for a secret service is much more relatable than a genetically engineered clone. Yes, both of them are masters of stealth and camouflage, and both are undoubtedly badass, however, I really find Sam Fisher to be a better developed and more realistic character. And that’s important in the game like this. No matter how you look at these franchises it shows which one of the creators actually saw action as a real member of the military and which one is just a really creative person with amazing imagination.

Now, before any of you start throwing the whole “three glowing dots” thing, let me remind you that we are talking about video games. The reason why this exists is so that players can see it, not AI. It’s the same thing as complaining about racing games having third person view and different UI modules. Yes. I just went there,

The second reason why I love Splinter Cell is because the controls in Metal Gear games are made by someone who is seriously drunk off their rear end. While not everything is perfect with the Splinter Cell either, just 20 minutes of MGS makes me want to throw my console away. I would honestly rather run stark naked through the downtown Chicago than have to endure a full playthrough of any of the Metal Gear games. Yes, I just went there too.

The third and final reason why I find that Splinter Cell is better is very specific to me. To me the Splinter Cell Conviction was the closest thing we ever got to having a Jason Bourne video game. That includes the actual Jason Bourne video game. If only the guys who got to develop that masterpiece were given the license for the Bourne franchise, maybe we would have had another gaming legend on our hands, but alas…

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