On Board – Kart Racing at Night!

Standing starts for the shifter kart races at SDKA

Shifter Kart racing is an adrenaline filled sport featuring close wheel to wheel action, insane acceleration and aggressive corning speeds;  cut visibility in half and you have a recipe for an extremely fun time!  I recently had an opportunity to drive my friend Carls spare kart at the SDKA (San Diego Karting Association) night race held annually.  The venue was the East Parting lot of Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego.  Qualifying third i made my way to 2nd place in heat 1 until i lost a couple bolts and had to pull off the race track.  Follow along with the On Board of heat 2 as i make my way from last to 2nd place where i also finished in the main event.

for more info on SDKA www.sdka.com