Summit Point Recap: American Endurance Racing


We seemed to be starting off Summit Point strong.  The ETD Racing Miazda qualified in Indy class and so did the G-tron cars, with the exception of Smurf, #90, which broke into the bottom of Sebring.  However, during qualifying on Friday, the front diff went on Mr. Freeze, #72.  The problem was that we didn’t have a spare transmission and finding one for a twenty year old car isn’t the easiest.  After making a bunch of phone calls, and finding a few that were both too far away and not available until Monday,  I went to talk to Mark in the OG Racing store at Summit Point, knowing he really enjoys Audis and might know of a junkyard or used mk1 A4 for sale.  He gave me a couple leads, but we were unsuccessful finding a transmission that would be available that day.  In the store I ran into a couple of the Rally Baby guys, and they also gave us a couple leads.  In the end, one of their contacts was able to connect us with another junkyard only thirty five miles away, and they would pull the trans for us and have it ready for pickup at 4:00pm.  We got ready and removed the existing transmission.  


A case of “while I’m at it syndrome” kicked in, and we replaced the clutch while we were in there.  


A few drivers went to the junkyard to pick up the trans, but when they got it to the track, it was looking a little rougher than we had hoped.  Somehow, there was a backup plan in effect, and a couple guys were driving two hours to bring yet another transmission, so there was some time to sit around.


One of the guys was named Jason and he stayed to help get the trans in the car.  He got going around 11:00pm.  It was 12:28am when the mechanics and I left the track.  


Saturday morning during the first stint, the transmission blew.

About an hour later, we saw the Miazda on a tow rope as it drove by us on pit lane.  The driver told us that there were no gears or power and he had pulled off into the grass.  A turn of the key revealed that we’d likely spun a bearing.


With two cars down, the day was suddenly much more relaxing.  The first replacement transmission from the junkyard wound up making it into the #72 car, and it held up for the last hour and a half on Saturday and for the rest of the weekend.  It took eighth place on Sunday after having to change brake calipers.  Car #999 kept at it all weekend, placing third in Indy on Saturday only 19 seconds behind Legendary Racing.  It took home first place in Indy on Sunday, but not without nearly running out of fuel in the last seven minutes.  This earned Heat Miser a well-earned second place for the weekend.  Smurf, #90, was consistent all weekend, taking third on Saturday and second place in Sebring on Sunday, earning another second place for the weekend.




Saturday (top 3 finishes in class)

Team Name Car # class finish
WCP Racing 170 / 70 Indy 1
GTR 99 Daytona 1
Memmer Motorsports 252 Sebring 1
Legendary racing 18 Indy 2
Krabby Kraut 202 Sebring 2
ProFormanceCoaching/CCR 626 Daytona 2
g-tron 90 Sebring 3
g-tron 999 Indy 3
Reuben Performance Garage and BBQ Company 327 Daytona 3




Team Name Car # class finish
ProFormanceCoaching/CCR 626 Daytona 1
g-tron 999 Indy 1
DriveGear Racing 87 Sebring 1
WCP Racing 170 / 70 Indy 2
g-tron 90 Sebring 2
Drunken Squirrel Racing 7 Daytona 2
Legendary racing 18 Indy 3
18901 Motorsports 47 Daytona 3
DriveGear Racing 88 Sebring 3



Current Season Points Championship Standings (top 20)

Team Name  Car # Total points
Legendary racing 18 103
EZ Riders 300 85
Team Mancave 2 172 74
Team Mancave 1 272 73
Krabby Kraut 202 58
g-tron 90 57
Caged Animals Racing 68 54
g-tron 999 50
Rally Baby P&G Trading Co 114 44
WCP Racing 170 / 70 44
Team FootShoot 47 / 147 43
Don’t Panic Racing 42 41
ProFormanceCoaching/CCR 626 41
Reuben Performance Garage and BBQ Company 293 39
GTR 99 38
g-tron 72 39
Z3 Four Banger 681 31
DriveGear Racing 89 28
Schumacher Taxi 189 27
Rabbit Pellets Racing 128 24
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Keanna's love for performance driving began with winter driving schools in 2011 and quickly snowballed into ice racing. After turning 18, she got on the racetrack for the first time and went on to get her SCCA competition license for road racing. From there, Keanna went straight to rally school and later started endurance racing. In the meantime, she did a little autocrossing and became the only female driver to have made it into the Wells Fargo Invitational Autocross Shootout. In 2015, she managed and drove for two teams, Earn the Drive Racing and G-tron, in American Endurance Racing- where they put a car on the season championship podium in second place overall. In the midst of it all, Keanna continued to do rally schools and decided that it was rally, not road racing, that had captured her heart. After spectating at NEFR in 2015, she decided that one or two rallies in 2016 wouldn't be enough. This year she's competing in the Rally America National Championship with a 1.0L EcoBoost Fiesta in B-Spec.