SCCA Returns to Rally!


The Team O’Neil SCCA RallySprint on May 9, 2015 will be the first SCCA RallySprint in the country. The SCCA recognized that there is a large gap in competition opportunities between RallyCross and stage rally. To fill that gap, the SCCA has embarked on a pilot program called RallySprint to allow competitors to take intermediate steps between RallyCross and stage rally. From cones to trees in baby steps.

Rally Sprint is like Rallycross as speeds will be below 70 MPH, but it will offer drivers an opportunity for increase speed and challenge over a traditional Rallycross. But the safety requirements and financial investments in equipment will increase incrementally as well. Given SCCA’s exit from stage rally in 2004, the safety of competitors, teams, volunteers and spectators is of the utmost importance. It will be the event’s first priority. But it doesn’t need to comprise the levels of fun. Especially on a per dollar basis. 

The Team Oneil SCCA Rallysprint will provide “affordable seat time” in a safe environment where one can practice and learn advanced rally-type skills. This doesnt mean you will be racing around cones. The one day RallySprint will use two different stages that will be run multiple times. This is the first stage:

Team oneil rallysprint morning stage map

Then in the afternoon, teams will run this stage:

SCCA Rallysprint at Team Oneil Rally School

Caged, log-booked vehicles are required for this event, as well as other safety gear. The crazy awesome part is the cost. $180 for a day of racing on stages. The stages will be shorter but they will look like stage roads which is huge step in the right direction for SCCA. It appears speeds will be limited to 70 MPH so a few chicanes might be implemented to keep speeds reasonable. 

The total number of entries will be limited so check out the site for more details and sign up online before space runs out