PRI: Rubber Lined Zip Tie


zip tie with rubberThis is a pretty cool zip tie. It’s rubber lined and keeps everything in place and won’t slide around. Ideal for wiring anything important that you can’t have move. I immediately thought of all the wires by my roll cage.

Most of the booths at PRI are huge well known brand names like Valvoline or Bilstein, but there are bunch of little booths scattered around PRI as well. Normally it’s a coating or an oil additive or something random, but every so often you run into something like this. The rubber zip tie not only keeps it from sliding but also help secure anything you are zip tying down like a wire. IMG_8975

I talked to Creighton for a few minutes and he went through dozens of different processes to adhere the rubber to the zip tie. I guess it was more difficult than you might expect. But he developed this channel system and the rubber stays in really well. Kind of a cool improvement to a well used product. They are called GripLockTies and if you want more info, check out the GripLockTies website.