PRI: ATL Fuel Cells



ATL Makes top notch fuel cells that many would call the best in the business. We know this. So why put up a picture of their booth at PRI? Because this display does a great job of showing how a fuel cell is plumbed. Haven’t you ever wondered what happens inside the fuel cell? There are many ways to do it with tons of options but this is a pretty good setup and the cut away shows you what all the lines are doing when they enter the tank.

The little black box in the center of the foam is wher the fuel gets picked up by the pumps. Their are little trap doors that hinge open to let fuel into the box but close when they swing the other direction to trap the fuel inside. Then there are two pumps mounted in this box – the two clear lines are the output from he pumps and you can barely see both sets of wires down to the pumps. IMG_8926

Here’s a different variation hooked to a swirl pot also made by ATL. All four pumps feed the vertical canister in the middle, the output to the engine is at the bottom(gravity fed) and the overflow return line back to the main tank is at the top. IMG_8925 IMG_8924

ATL fuel cells and other products are sold through your local race distributor or the large houses like Summit.