PRI: CTech’s Ultimate Pit Cart



This is the ultimate pit part. I have no idea what CTech calls this thing but it’s so ridiculously nice that it seems like a good name.  The cart is so insane that you end up staring at it for a while. It’s nicer than my trailer and my tool box combined and this pit box does way more than those two ever could. Tool boxes on the front for the pit lane, Tv’s on the back to see the live feed. Air tanks underneath. Telemetry up top for the wizards and a second row for the team and drivers to check in with the wizards. IMG_9008 IMG_9007

Not only does everything fold down and collapse into itself, but it also serves as your power distribution for everything in the area. Just plug in the cart. The same is true with your air supply. The tanks go in the cart and you hook your lines right up. Ultimate Pit Cart? I think so. Especially when you race every weekend and want to be able to set up and pack up quickly.IMG_9006 IMG_9005 IMG_9004

If you have $110,000(I think that’s what he said it cost) or so to spend, this is your Ultimate Pit Cart! CTech also makes cabinets and tool boxes for garages in case you’re looking to deck out your permanent space. You can find all their products here. And if you can’t afford the big daddy of pit carts, they make more normal ones too. I thought I heard this one below was more like $40k. Keep in mind this includes everything on the cart and it’s ready to rock.