NISMO GTR Laps the Ring in 7:08


18 seconds is a ton of time on a racetrack. It’s difficult to improve a performance car with huge leaps and bounds but in just 4 years Nissan took 18 seconds off the original GTR’s lap time. 595 horsepower helps. So does 480 ft lbs of torque. But it was the total package that laid down the time. The lap was set by Nismo driver Michael Krumm on Dunlop SP Sport MAXX GT 600 tires. All I could find for sale on Dunlop’s website was the DSST version which appears to be a run flat.  I seriously doubt the 7:08 minute lap was done on runflats so its probably a similar tire?  As we all know, sticky tires make all the difference.


2014 Nissan Nismo GTR



The best part about the lap is the commentary from the driver.  If you want to see a pure sound, uninterrupted lap of the Ring, there are tons on YouTube. This actually gives you some insight to the drivers thoughts and what he was dealing with while running flat out.  Enjoy.