Monaco Grand Prix Spectator Guide




You need to buy a ticket to see this race. Pick your favorite corner and price it out.  If you really dont have cash you can watch from high above by the princes palace.

FOOD: Pizza is the cheapest option. Tip top serves it all night long and will be packed with people eating and drinking till sunrise.



Life is the night club of all nightclubs. down on the medeterian, under the entrance to the loews tunnel.

The irish bar over in that area is cool and the italian restaurant top notch.

you have to have a beer at Rascasse when they open the rack after practice or even the race.  its a great party for sure.

Brasserie down on the harbor by the swimming pool complex has good beer and tasty food.

CASINO: Discuss attire

WIFI: Mcdonalds painfully slow.  Restaurants are the way to go.


Prince’s car museum

The cool signs all over monaco explaining the history

Even cooler to read on the way home as the sun is coming up.