Journey To LeMans

journey to Lemans

journey to Lemans  You’ve seen the Truth in 24hr, but I’ve doubt you’ve seen this! You can thank me later because its good. Instead of following a top team like Audi, you follow a privateer competing at the highest level. The footage is amazing as you can see by the screen grabs from the trailer at the bottom of the post. The bad news is that you have to buy it is on iTunes.

journey to Lemans

Here’s the description of the movie from the companies website:

“Fantelli Productions follows Great British privateer team Jota Sport, taking an intimate look at the feat of human endurance and the marvel of engineering it takes to compete in one of the most challenging races on earth. We bring to the screen the spectacle that is Le Mans, through the eyes and emotions of the men at the very heart of it. Proving with enough hard work, dedication and passion, you really can achieve anything. Journey to Le Mans is a depiction of the blood, sweat and tears we see, as we travel with the team. Our journey playing out over the season to – and during – Le Mans 2014.”

journey to Lemans

Here’s the website for the movie if you want to know more. The only place I know that you can buy it is on iTunes. Occasionally you’ll find a full copy on YouTube but they pull it down pretty quickly. Here’s the trailer. If you like it, buy it on iTunes. 




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