For Sale: Overlander From Hell!

overlander from hell

overlander from hell

Calling this truck an overlander is a bit of stretch. It’s more of a storage unit on wheels. So naturally you would think a moving truck would be a good start. Nope. Too easy! This is a Ford F350. Can you pull a car and 30ft sailboat with your moving truck?

This thing looks more like a transformer than a moving truck. Check this out. “To change camper into car-carrier, the stove and sink rise to the ceiling and the double bed is raised over the car.” Oh yeah, just raise that sink to the ceiling and drive a car right in the back!

Or you can put a motorcycle back there?

Oh you want to ride with a friend? Yeah there’s another motorcycle on the front bumper too!

You want to bicycle? Yep that’s out back. Its like a club med on wheels. Where’s the volleyball court.

Looking at the side view Im still curious how a Porsche spyder or Cobra fits in the back bed of Ford F350? My favorite part is the front windows from a boat above the cab. I’ve been wanting to do that to a limousine for years now. Here it is camping so you know it actually went places.

For those of you that might want to buy it, the information is here. And for when the ad is long gone, here is the original description. He’s asking $30,000.

This low mileage (under 21,000 miles), one-of-a-kind truck/camper/car carrier is named Bulla Matari meaning “breaker of rocks” from the explorer, Henry Morgan Stanley. Bulla was built to carry a Porsche Spyder, pull a 30 foot sailboat, carry a motorcycle in front, 18 ft kayak with mast and sail on top, bicycles on the rear while functioning as a camper with propane stove, refrigerator, microwave, hot water tank, air conditioning unit, wood fireplace, safe, awning and sleeps 4 adults.

This Ford 350 6L diesel has dual wheels, Lariat Pkg = leather seats and trim, 5-speed transmission, 4WD, and ABS brakes, 17″ forged polished aluminum wheels, AM/FM/CD, air conditioning, automatic temperature control. Additional instruments: Temperature, Pyrometer, Volts, and “Panic Button” (Train whistle). Power: brakes, steering, windows, mirrors. Has passenger airbag, front fog lights, front ready lights, fully automated headlights, front-center armrest w/storage, back seat folding seats. Load Lifter 5000 air springs by Airlift; 3 winches: front one is Warn Dual Force HD 12,000 electric “PowerPlant” hoist; second electric hoist is 1300 lbs by Central Machinery; third is on top of the truck.
The camper has settee that makes into a double bed; a singled bed over the cab and back seats are folded back with a take in or out bed. Ramps for loading car are mounted on sides of truck. To change camper into car-carrier, the stove and sink rise to the ceiling and the double bed is raised over the car. You can see the bar across the windows where the bed fits.
One owner, clean title, well-maintained, current registration and smog certificate, low-low mileage, non-smoker.

overlander from hell