For Sale: E30 Turbo “Rally” Car


e30 turbo rally car for sale

It’s hard to say exactly what this is. It doesnt have a full cage for rally racing. And it has “rally spec rims w/ dirt tires, a roll bar (welded).  It’s more like an awesome rallycross BMW. The guy built it on a 1989 bmw 318 so its running the m10 motor which has a custom turbo cam, steel rings, bigger valves porche/audi k26 ball bearing turbo, Jdm sport wastegate.
E30 turbo engine for sale
Its runs 7psi and is fitted with a blow off valve so you can make those awesome turbo noises when you lift!

e30 turbo engine for sale2
The intake charge is cooled thru a “Rally Spec” front mounted intercooler and then enters the engine thru a custom mani+downpipe with resonator. I have no idea what a “rally spec” front mounted inter cooler is…maybe its a brand name?
E30 turbo rally car2Power runs thru a “euro spec” 4 speed and a welded 4.10 rear diff.
E30 turbo rally carThe dash cluster wrks with boost guage in center dash, no carpet, 2 oem ripped seats, rear tire hookup – Im not sure what a rear tire hookup is either… Car drives fine, starts, according to ad and has a current ohv registration which expires 6/30/2015.

If interested or have any questions send the seller a  text or call at 1four08 6076621
e30 turbo rally car 3