Fire System: Are You Doing It Right?

Fire, fire!

Most racing sanctioning bodies require some form of fire suppression systems in race cars, whether a fire bottle or an integrated system.

While a fire bottle might be okay for some, many of us have full systems, such as a Firesense system by Spa Technique, but is it installed correctly?

From the mounting instructions for the Firesense MULTI-FLO AFFF Systems:

“For saloon / closed cars a minimum of 3 nozzles must be fitted (again depending on the system) within the cockpit area.

Nozzles should be fitted either to the top of the roll bar main hoop (door B pillar) pointing inwards and downwards towards the foot of the diagonally opposite front roll bar hoop base (door A post) or either under the dashboard aiming at the drivers midriff.”

If you installed your own fire system, you may not need to worry (if you followed the directions), but if your car came equipped with a system, it might be worth a looksie. Otherwise…

Photo by: Impact Racing
Photo by: Impact Racing