For Sale: Yellowstone Snow Cat Van

I’ve always wanted a snow cat van. Now I just hope someone buys this and takes me skiing! I’m not entirely clear on how it works. There is a traditional steering wheel and it looks like it turns the front skis. I always assumed my snow cat van would have sticks like a military tank. Its hard to image those ski’s will be enough to turn the van if those tracks are cranking away behind them. Maybe with a center diff it might turn, but I think you would want to vary the speed of the tracks as well. Now if the steering wheel also varied the track speed in addition to turning the skis? That would be awesome.

Here’s the original Ebay ad for after its long gone:

“I have a retired Yellowstone Park Snowcoach Track Van.   It runs great with all Chevrolet running gear up to the tracks.   It has a fuel injected 350 c.i  with an automatic transmission.    Has front and rear heat,  back-up alarm,  wheelchair lift in the back for loading heavy loads in the van.   This would be a great ice fishing rig.   thanks for looking.  Own a piece of history if you google Yellowstone Park track van snowcoach tours you will see a picture of this van.”

Bill Caswell is a self-taught racing driver, mechanic, and fabricator, and rose to internet fame taking a $500 Craigslist BMW to a World Rally Championship event in Mexico in March of 2010. His exploits have featured in places like ESPN Magazine, Grassroots Motorsports, NPR Radio, and A lifelong fan of rally and motorsport, Caswell famously believes nothing to be impossible.