Kelly Moss Factory GT3 RSR Racecar


If this your first introduction to Kelly Moss Motorsports, welcome to awesome world of the Stone brothers. Kelly Moss Motorsports, based in Madison, Wisconsin, boasts more than 25 years of racing expertise and delivers results. “Racing is really the core of our company,” Stone said. “It’s what we started doing 26 years ago, and it’s what we still do today and every day. Everything else we do is a spin-off of racing. Racing comes first, and the racing is what leads to development of world-class road cars, club-level programs and all of the other things that we do. It all comes as a derivative from what we’ve learned from road racing.”

They also restore vintage Porsche race cars like this Factory GT3 RS Race Car. Boasting 505 Horsepower and only 2,300 pounds, it’s a class killer.

Starting life as a brand new 2002 Factory GT3 RS this car was transformed into the most state of the art, sophisticated, world class winning 996 GT3 RS ever conceived by the folks at Kelly Moss Motorsports for a client dedicated to creating a piece of racing history.

 Using the latest engineering and design technology, parts and components, that are still current even today, KMM created this one of a kind racing machine focused on mechanical perfection and the lightest weight possible.

The point was to create a car like no one had ever seen before, focusing on the best power to weight ratio possible, maximum rigidity, best suspension engineering and aerodynamics possible within class rules, to showcase true world class KMR Race Car Building and KMR Aerospace grade composite body panels of carbon fiber and Kevlar and simply to create a machine that would lay waste to the competition.  All Boxes Checked! This car won every race it entered and was truly in a class of its own and the star of every paddock it raced in. The entire KMR carbon fiber / Kevlar body weighs only 66 pounds – yes, the whole car body is only 66 pounds and is more durable than any of the factory panels that were replaced!

To showcase the extreme quality and fit and finish of this carbon fiber creation, the Stone Brothers decided to build the car with the parts just as they came out of the KMR molds – no body fillers, no cutting and shaping to fit, no clear coat to hide the normal imperfections that exist in most all other composite body panels – all panels were left in the raw carbon fiber as they were made. The result – a stunning fit and finish that no manufacturer has been able to duplicate to this day. Some of the features include Carbon / Carbon brakes with special over sized calipers and additional brake ducting.

A Carbon Fiber 3 disc Clutch, Pankl Axles, Special Porsche Motorsports 3.8 liter engine producing 505 HP, Motorsports lightweight water system with small high output alternator, Electronic Oil Level Monitoring System, Special gear ratios with upgraded differential, Custom Titanium Exhaust, KMR Carbon Fiber Dash, Upgraded Motec Dash and data system, 3 Way Moton Dampers with Special KMR valving, quick disconnect fittings and special high flow hoses, high performance radiators and silicone hoses throughout, cool suit system, upgraded fuel system and fuel cell, Special Crawford Wing with slide in Gurney Lip.