Factory Five Electric 818 by EV West


Factory Five makes some cool kit cars if you’re not familiar with the Company.  They’re primarily known for their Cobra kit based on the Mustang driveline, but they make other kits too and their latest is called the 818. I think because it weighs 818 kilograms or something. So it’s super lightweight and a pretty high performance machine based off Subaru WRX parts. But then EV West converted the kit to Electric…  And took it to the track to shake it down.

Not bad for a environmentally friendly vehicle. You can find more info on EV West and their other cool projects here. I also can’t wait to see the electric version and the gas version go head to head. Mostly because EV West’s Electric M3 climbed Pikes Peak faster than the gas version. Here is the in-car video from that run:

Makes you think twice when you look at the Chevy Volt in the special lane…