When Supercars Were Shit


    Lamborghini Diablo ChassisSupercars weren’t always the sexy supermodel they are today. 20 years ago a supercar was more like those masks from Mission Impossible. The outer skin could be whatever you wanted, just don’t peel back it back and look underneath. If you do you would find a hideous mess of square steel tubing welded by a child which is very different than the carbon fiber spaceship you find under a modern day supercar. But back in the 1990’s, supercars were shit. You could build this in your garage. Lamborghini Diablo Chassis

    Take another look at the welds. There’s nothing uniform or consistent about them. It’s like some random guy with a MIG welded pulled the trigger when it was his turn. Then there’s the fact that the whole car appears to be built from 1″ square tubes which can’t be very safe. I hope there are some larger outer frame rails but who knows. Maybe its just another birdcage of 1/2″ tube.

    Lamborghini Diablo Chassis

    It looks like there are some larger 1.5″ or so tubes in the back, but for the most part its just some steel stuck together with the glue gun. You could build this in your garage.

    Lamborghini Diablo Chassis

    The picture above makes it look like there might be some fancy steel on the car but its really just the door. Look behind the skin and its more stamped panels. Look into the wheel wheel and you see crude suspension attached to more square tube with sheet metal tack welded to the tubes. You could build this in your garage.


    The double shock, double spring setup is kind of cool but I’m not sure I know why they chose that arrangement. The group B Ford RS200 used something like this so maybe its the hot setup, but take a look at all the square tube to the left of the suspension. I thought triangles were the most efficient shape…yet everything on the car is square. Check out that weird tray looks like it might be for the battery. You could build this in your garage.

    Lamborghini Diablo Chassis

    Check out the front end. More steel tubes. Square steel tubes. You could build this in your garage.

    You just need some fancy Italian bodywork. So where did this come from? It recently sold on Ebay for $4,600. Then you really could have built a Lamborghini in your garage.