Tis The Season To Be Gnarly


This video is everything I love about having fun with friends and cars. I know a UTV is not a car but it does have four wheels and an engine and man do they fly! And this video rules because its a bunch of guys having fun with their vehicles. Its not some corporate sponsored video shoot. Just some friends ripping with a camera.

Here’s the awesome part.  Or Gnarly part I guess.  My good friend Travis Tollett is driving the white and blue UTV in the video.  And Travis is technically a quadriplegic after a hill climb crash on his quad years ago. Did that stop him from racing? NOT A CHANCE!

Last year Travis Tollett became the first quadriplegic to race to the top of Pikes Peak International Hillclimb.  This is his video of the run:

You can follow Travis here: https://www.facebook.com/travistollett

He also does all the graphic design work for BUILD RACE PARTY so if you guys need help with something design related send him a message.