PRI: Arrow Components



I love this countertop and drawer system made my Arrow Components. Their products appear to be designed for a trailer but I think these would be awesome in a garage. The ones without the drawers(below) fold down giving you more room.


I want to say the non drawer, fold down version is $400 which would make a pretty awesome desk. If only they had a deeper version…but the one show here is pretty deep and a perfect workbench. They also make larger cabinet systems that would definitely look awesome in my garage!


For those these need smaller solutions they also offer these storage accessories:

IMG_9020The Helmet Rack is $110

The Fuel Jug Holder is $70 and comes in 1-4 jug sizes.

The water cooler shelf is $110 and holds popular 5 gallon water coolers.

I don’t have the pricing on this stuff below but its pretty high quality, if not the best, for a reasonable price. Check the Arrow website for more details. IMG_9013