Expedition Overland: Central America


    expedition overlandIf you’re overlanding and adventure you’ve probably already seen this video series by Expedition Overland. The first series covered the Northern section of the Pan-American Highway called the Alcan finishing in Alaska. Now the crew is back together to take on the next portion of the Pan-American Highway as they head down to Central America! This first episode covers a lot of the preparation as the crew organizes everything they’ll need for the trip, including outfitting their all-new Toyota 4Runners for the big journey ahead. 10,000 miles, 10 countries, 1 EPIC adventure! xoverland.comexpedition overland

    This is a series you’re going to want to get into. They quickly cross the border in Baja. Mexico and check out the 1000 race course along with Coco’s corner and Mike’s sky ranch as they head father south. I’m a few episodes in as I write his and they have already taken a ferry across to Mainland Mexico with another full episode as they make their way south to the border of Belize. I love that they show the border crossing and comment on the paperwork and how the whole process works.
    expedition overland

    Here’s the first episode. Enjoy.

    I think the series is pretty cool so its worth giving a shout out to their sponsors:

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