Petit Le Mans Meetup – Road Atlanta Oct. 16-19th 2013


Honestly, I’ve never been to an ALMS race before but I figured this was my last chance to see it before NASCAR comes in and changes everything next season. I went to GA Tech so I used to live in Atlanta, so I reached out to a few college buddies to see who would want to join. As of right now its just a couple of guys meeting up to tailgate and camp at the track and see some amazing competition. I’m driving down myself from DC to go to the race, I’m just bringing my HPDE/track weekend kit, an EZ-up, big cooler and some chairs.

camping at the nurburgring

Ok, so that’s not Petite LeMans. Caswell inserted this photo he took at the 24hrs of the Nurburgring 2012.

If anyone wants to pop up a tent next to us that would be great, the more the merrier. Kind of like tailgating. I’m going to try and get some space above the esses between turn 4 and 5 when I arrive on Thursday. I hear that spot fills up quick though, so we will likely be in the woods near that area. It’s always fun meeting people at track days and I’ve made a bunch of friends from the Subaru community trips to the dragon. My wife calls them “summer camp friends” which makes sense because the track days run all summer.

vw grill at the nurburgring 2012


The plan is to BBQ Thursday night with a larger party Friday night. We (editor note: This is not a BRP event, but we love this idea) Google Doc spreasheet for signup.

And for more information on the track:


Photos by: Flying Lap Photography/Elan Newman and Bill Caswell